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Party Tips

Here's a list of hints and tips that will help you get organised!


Have you confirmed the booking and paid a deposit? When does the balance have to be paid by? Do you know the access times? Is there a key holder? Do you have to vacate by a certain time?


Have you booked your disco? Is it confirmed in writing? Have you paid a deposit? When do you have to pay the balance? Do they know the access times? Who will they need to contact to gain access to the venue? Have you completed a music request form or told them of any special requests?


Who is supplying the food? If you are having a buffet who will deliver the food? What about tablecloths, serviettes, cutlery, crockery, condiments? Who is responsible for taking away any dirty plates? Is there a cake? Cake stand and cake knife?


Are you having an outside bar, providing your own drink or are guests expected to bring their own? If having an outside bar, have they arranged an Occasional Licence? How many bar staff will they have? Is there a special drink that Aunty likes that they need to know about? If supplying your own, have you enough glasses? Who is responsible for collecting and taking them back? How will they get cleaned?

TIP - there are 5 standard glasses of wine in a 75cl bottle; you can expect to get 6 glasses of champagne from a normal bottle.


Are you decorating the venue? Access times? Who is responsible?

TIP - you can hire a balloon kit which includes balloons, ribbons, weights and helium.


Who is responsible for delivery/collection?


Have you given your guests a list of hotels or bed and breakfast accommodation?


Have you given your guests a list of suitable local taxi numbers? Do they need to pre-book?


Is there a dress code for your party? Are your guests aware of it?


Do your guests know where they can hire costumes, wigs or make-up? Is there a theme?


Does the venue have a suitable electrical supply? Have the appliances they use been PAT tested? Do you know where the switches are for lighting, heating and fans? Useful if planning a surprise party or need to quickly dim the lights!


If there are going to be children, have they got things to do? Will you need a child minder or babysitter at the venue?

TIP - get together a large box of colouring books, crayons, lego and games. Let them get on with it!


Are you responsible for cleaning the venue after the party? Have you arranged for people to help? Does the venue supply cleaning materials and binliners? Perhaps you need to hire a local cleaning company?